Here goes…


So I used to blog all of the time.

I miss it. I’ve decided to start another blog. Probably going to be full of English major stuff, pictures and poetry, and random stuff.

Here’s 10 random facts about me:

  • I’m a dog person. Well, truly, an animal person, but I prefer dogs!
  • I believe my reason for existing on this planet is to help people. Being nice is what I’m best at!
  • If I could become rich writing poetry, well I’d be rich already.
  • My favorite movie is Clockwork Orange. Favorite band is Dance Gavin Dance. Favorite book… well, there’s a few. (: I love 1984, White Fang, Harry Potter, etc.
  • I drive a dark blue 2007 Ford Fusion. It is my dream car. I adore him. His name is Sir Auron.
  • Which brings me to my favorite game, Final Fantasy X. The reason I bring this up is because my only tattoo is of the Zanarkand Abes symbol under my neck. Here’s a picture!TAT!
  • I adore Arizona. I really, really love Sedona, as well.
  • I’m going to Brazil this summer. I am studying abroad. I’m pretty excited!
  • So… Chinese food is amazing and I love it. So much.
  • Last fact… you know that meme, Shibe or Doge? Yeah. I breed and show those dogs when I am living at home with my mother. More commonly known as Shiba Inus.

So that’s me. Here’s a cool pic before I go (the best roller coaster ever!):


Au revoir,